Iconic James Bond House..

Listening to the new Sam Smith track for upcoming Bond film 'Spectre' playing on the radio conjures up all those images, iconic really, of Bond films past and present.  Everyone has their favourite Bond, Bond baddie, Bond car, Bond girl but for me, its the film sets!  There are so many places, spaces, backdrops - covering every genre from futuristic to classical to oriental, from mountain to island to english countryside.  I'm sure a few will be featured here over time (I'm a massive Bond fan) but one of my favourite houses was featured in Diamonds are Forever in 1971.  It was a house I saw while working in Palm Springs many years ago - designed by celebrated architect John Lautner - named Elrod House.  It features many things that are coveted in new designs today - expansive glass, open plan living, far-reaching views, textured walls, bringing the 'outside in' - plus the furnishings fit with the ongoing trend for all things mid-century.  

While researching it today - I found a quote from the current owner which really fits our bill too "At the end of the day, environment impacts mood. And one of the best ways to shape mood is good design".  We couldn't agree more!  

And of course, the scene with James...

To view more information about Elrod House and to see images of how the current owner lives, see www.elrodhouse.org.

Images from palmspringslife.com and inhabit.com.